• We believe
    clean computers
    help improve the
    quality of life.


Founded in Cyprus, our team of employees and experts spans across the map to provide you with reliable technology and support that is fast and easy to acquire. We understand that computer maintenance can be frustrating and time consuming for most people without experience. Slow system performance, Windows crashes, blue screens of death and regular PC freeze-ups is where we emphasize the power of prevention when it comes to keeping your computer working.
ComGuard main goal is to ease this process for everyone.


In the modern age we live in, having a computer is as crucial as having running water or electricity.
The last thing we want for our clients is for them to struggle with a problematic computer instead of taking care of the more important things in life. ComGuard has successfully created a way to save you money and time on proper PC maintenance without hindering your success in doing so.


At ComGuard, the customer is always right. We have many years of experience in the software field and we know how important it is to receive and accept the feedback of our user community. By doing so, we are better able to help others achieve more, and in return, can continue to progress and improve our business and technological development.
If you have any feedback or suggestions that you feel we should know about, please contact us at: support@comguardsolutions.com so we can hear your valuable voice and apply it to our business activities.

We believe all computers should be clean and fast to help reach an improved quality of life.

Based on this belief, we created a company that integrates our viewpoint with the world’s leading technology.